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  • Product name: Aotin Successed in APPLIANCE & ELECTRONICS WORLD EXPO (AWE) On March 9th, 2017- March 11th, 2017

On March 9th, 2017- March 11th, 2017, APPLIANCE & ELECTRONICS WORLD EXPO (AWE) was grand opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center! The expo gathered all the major brands of home appliances industry, includes A.O.Smith, Boss, Fotile, Aotin and so on in Hall E1. Aotin’s new generation integrated stove was even more impressive in the traditional kitchen electric brand.

APPLIANCE&ELECTRONICS WORLD EXPO, referred to as AWE, which is one of the world's three major home appliance and consumer electronics shows, attracting global attention with a record-breaking 700 exhibitors, size of 120 thousand square meters, cross-industry innovation and colorful activities.

Aotin, as the outstanding companies in the enterprises of China, it had broken the homogenization competition of traditional three-kit kitchen products, and strong attached on the expo, so that insiders and users experienced the new open smokeless kitchen!

At the same time, what made Aotin different from other industrial brand with single intergreted stove , Aotin’s six series products, included home cabinet, also appeared to lay out integrated kitchen, and explained the new brand concept of creating open kitchen to the kitchen industry, which attracted many insider, dealers and customers from all over the world to stop our booth to see then make interactive experience.

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