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  • Product name: JJZ-X3-90TT

  • ·Dimension(mm): 900x600x800(1310)    ·Mode: side suction 
  • ·Package dimension(mm): 1096x703x905       
  • ·Max wind prssure: ≥350Pa              · Noise: ≤72dB    
  • ·Airflow: 16.5±10%m³/min               · Thermal load: 4.24kw
  • ·Thermal efficiency: 60.75%              · Volume: 70L
  • ·Max input total power: 3220W         · Gas sources: see nameplate
  • ·Max steaming and roasting input power: 2950W
  • ·Max roasting input power: 1520W    · Light:LED 11W
  • ·Ignition: 0 second pulse ignition       · Power: 220V~50Hz
  • ·Range hood inpur power: 253W       · Weight: 98KG
  • ·flame failure protection time: open valve: ≤5s    close valve: ≤30s
  • ·Rated heat load: LPG:2800Pa/4.2KW       NG: 2000Pa/4.2KW

                                       Manufactured gas: 1000Pa/4.2KW  

  • ·Flame failure protection: thermocouple
  • ·Disinfection?method: Steaming and roasting
  • ·Max steaming input power: 2950W




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